Conor McGregor spoke about his investment and how every Irish can become rich!

Conor McGregor spoke about his investment and how every Irish can become rich!

Professional boxer, Conor “The Notorious” McGregor, has just invested half of his wealth into a new project which he and many financial experts (Warren Buffett, John Grayken, etc.) believe will shape the future of the financial industry. Having already become a household name as the world-renowned UFC fighter, Conor McGregor now looks set to take the world of blockchain technology by storm.

Last week McGregor appeared on the most popular TV chat programme The Late Late Show and explained how a new investment platform can make an average Irish citizen a millionaire within 4-5 months. McGregor called anyone who wants to make a big profit, without having to make a huge investment, to seize this opportunity because the big banks are onto this and they are actively trying to shut this down.

During the live show Bank of Ireland tried to stop the broadcast, but the word was already out and they couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Paddy Power use Mourinho

Mourinho has blamed his players ‘low self esteem’ for yesterday’s defeat.

Adding: ‘The lazy, incompetent, sacks of useless sh*te who can’t go two minutes without f*cking up really need to have more belief in themselves.’