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🎙 Messi: “I told the club I wanted to leave, then I saw the number of ‘can Messi do it on a cold night in Stoke?’ tweets and thought, nah, I’ll stay.

“Plus, now I get a 65m loyalty bonus. So f*ck it. I’ll get to the Arndale Centre Greggs next year.”

Paddy Power the Bookmaker ridiculing Harry Maguire


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Harry Maguire has reportedly been arrested for fighting while on holiday in Greece.

Lawyers will use footage of his defending against Sevilla to argue that he has no awareness of his surroundings and couldn’t possibly react quick enough to be involved in a fight.4h

Thank you @harrymaguire93 from, you’re a star on social media..

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60mil for him and 10mil for the circumference and transport of his head