#NationalLottery teasing a prize of £10,000 every month for the next 30 years

Ad | When I’m flicking through my favourite interiors magazines I’m always subconsciously planning the next project for the house, which just happens to be exactly what I would focus on if I won Set For Life from The National Lottery, where the top prize is a lovely £10,000 every month for the next 30 years*!
The biggest renovation job we’ve taken on in our home to date was to knock through the already extended kitchen and dining room. It’s the best thing we’ve done to the house, creating the open plan space where we spend most of our time. There is so much more potential to unlock in our little home though, like converting our basement! It’s the full width of the house, a maze of little rooms with a door opening straight onto the garden. What project would you take on in your home if you won £10k every month for 30 years*? *Rules apply #SetForLifeTNL #NationalLottery @tnluk35w

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