Flutter Entertainment/ Paddy Power tv commercial for @TheOpen at Portrush – “Tiger’s arrived. Hope his driving improves.”



Paddy Power


Watch the story behind our welcome message for Tiger’s arrival for #TheOpen



Voice Over by Paddy Power

Tiger is back, and he’s in Northern Ireland. To put his skills to the test in Portrush.

Once considered the greatest golfer on the planet he had the world in the palm of his hand

Until 10 years ago when it all came crashing down (sound of breaking glass, car alarm)

So which version of the champ will we get? Golf’s golden boy-or the other guy?

Paddy Power wants to celebrate his return on the 10th anniversary of the worst drive of his career. And remind people that even if you do drop the ball it is possible to get back on the fairway.

With the right perspective, a loving partner (or partners), forgiving sponsors and of course a bottomless bank account, just like Tiger’s

Here’s hoping he stays on the road to victory. (Sound of car crashing and running footsteps)

Lads a little help over here…Christ I think I was meant to give this car away


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